Volunteering in Career Services

UCAN: UAlbany Career Advisory Network 
UCAN is an online network of UAlbany alumni volunteers who provide advice and guidance to students and fellow alumni about career planning. UCAN allows you to be an invaluable resource with a minimal time commitment.

Access to the network is through UAlbany’s online community. Advisees use the network’s customized search function to select advisor profiles based on their professional interests. They then reach out by email (blind) to ask to set up a call for an informational interview or brief conversation.

To volunteer, follow this link and create your advisor profile.

If you would like to search for a career advisor, click here.

How Advisees Will Contact You
The online community is a password-protected environment, available exclusively to UAlbany alumni and students. You will initially be contacted by email. Because we recognize how busy our alumni are, you are allowed to determine how often you’re contacted, and your email address is always concealed. If you get busy, you can put your mentor status on hold. 

Contact Melissa Samuels, director of Alumni Programs, at (518) 442-3083 or msamuels@albany.edu.

More Ways to Help:

Job Openings/Internships
Post jobs and internships free on UA CareerPath.

Resume Reviewers 
Help critique student resumes. Experience in human resources is required. Call Career Services at (518) 437-4900.