Student-Alumni Partnership Fee (Optional)

A great university experience doesn't just happen. You make it happen by taking advantage of the many opportunities the University makes available to you. Since 1849, the UAlbany Alumni Association has been keeping students and alumni connected. The UAlbany alumni is made up of over 176,000 alumni spread across the United States and more than 115 countries, many of whom continue to be engaged in the University and contribute to its successes. The Alumni Association offers career-focused services and programs that prepare you for success when you graduate, along with programs that promote engagement and school spirit. The Student-Alumni Partnership Fee provides you access to a strong career network made up of thousands of successful alumni ready to offer advice. In addition, the events we offer are built around a variety of University academic, cultural and athletic activities. By attending them, you will be able to meet alumni who can help you define a successful career path, build your professional network and grow your school spirit. To view the many career networking programs and events, benefits and services the Alumni Association has to offer, please visit our website.

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