Dinner with a Dozen Danes

Dinner with Whom?

“Dinner with A Dozen Danes” is a program that connects current University at Albany students with alumni, faculty and staff and adds a personal touch to the UAlbany experience for today's students.Alumni host students for small dinner parties (lunch or breakfast works, too), bringing Great Danes together in a warm, friendly environment for good food, conversation and camaraderie.

It’s much more than a meal.

The goal of this program goes well beyond providing good food and conversation. Dinner with a Dozen Danes gives students the opportunity to network with UAlbany alumni, find out about life after college, and interact with professors outside the classroom. It also offers a chance for students to get a feel for the extended UAlbany family, and to see how they can stay involved and connected with UAlbany after they graduate.

How do I participate?

The program format is simple. Alumni are invited to host dinners for approximately 12 Great Danes – typically three-four alumni and eight-nine students. If the event is in the Albany area, we recommend inviting a faculty member as well. If you don't have room for 12, feel free to host a smaller dinner. These gatherings can be as formal – or as casual – as the host desires, and can take place in the alum's home, outdoors or at a restaurant. Dinners can range from a catered affair to a backyard barbeque. In fact, it doesn’t have to be dinner at all – lunch or breakfast will do just fine. We can invite students from a particular field or invite a broad spectrum of students. As the host, you get to decide!

To host a gathering, complete a host application form by clicking here. Someone from the Alumni Association will contact you to discuss further details. 

What if I live out of town?

You have several options. Co-host an event with an alum in the UAlbany area. Or, next time you’re in town, host a gathering at a local restaurant or at the Alumni House. If you’re in an area where many of our students come from, such as New York City or Washington, D.C., consider hosting an event over the summer or during winter break.

What kind of support will I receive from the UAlbany Alumni Association?

Alumni need only sign up to host a dinner, select a location, decide upon the number of guests and plan the menu. A member of the Alumni Association staff will make the invitation arrangements, coordinate RSVPs and provide giveaways.

Everyone wins.

The program can be as rewarding for the alumni hosts as it is for the students. As a participant, you will help to make UAlbany a smaller, friendlier place for students, bridging the gap between current UAlbany students and alumni. This is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences with fellow members of the UAlbany community. Alumni who participate will be given in-kind gift credit for the cost of providing the dinner.

Contact Loida Vera Cruz, director of Alumni Programs.