Excellence Awards

Award Descriptions & Nomination Forms
 - Bertha Brimmer Medal
 - Citizen of the University 
 - Distinguished Alumni Award
 - Excellence in Alumni Service               
 - Excellence in Arts & Letters 
 - Excellence in Business 
 - Excellence in Education 
 - Excellence in Entrepreneurship
 - Excellence in Public Service
 - Excellence in Science & Technology
 - International Alumni Award for
   Exceptional Achievement

 - Outstanding Young Alumni 

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The University at Albany Alumni Association annually recognizes alumni and friends of the University for their outstanding achievements and service to the University and community. These individuals personify the University's commitment to excellence and service and bring distinction to themselves and to our alma mater. To learn more about each award and for nomination forms, click on the award titles to the right. 

The 2016 award recipients were honored at the Excellence Awards Gala April 16 at the Albany Country Club:

2016 Award Recipients:

Citizen of the University
Lance Bosart

Distinguished Alumni
Theresa Pardo '82, '90, '98

Excellence in Alumni Service
Timothy Murphy '77

Excellence in Arts & Letters
Tom Junod '80

Excellence in Business
Michael Nash '83

Excellence in Community Service
Valerie Jensen '96

Excellence in Education
Robert Mauro '09

Excellence in Education
Teresa Thayer Snyder '00

Excellence in Entrepreneurship
John Stevens '95

Excellence in Public Service
Fredrick Erlich '69, '72, '94

Excellence in Science and Technology
Melinda Peng '78, '80, '82

International Award for Exceptional Achievement
Ancell Scheker Mendoza '11

Outstanding Young Alumni
Molly Guptil Manning '01, '02

Award Descriptions:

Bertha Brimmer Medal

Honors University at Albany graduates for excellence in teach K-12 and dedication to their profession. This award was founded by the Class of 1934 and is named for a Class of 1900 graduate known for her devotion to teaching and service to the University.
2017 Bertha Brimmer Medal Nomination Form

Citizen of the University
Recognizes outstanding contributions to the University by a non-alumnus or alumna through leadership, service or a special gift. The award recipient is chosen by the University leadership.
► 2017 Citizen of the University Nomination Form


Distinguished Alumni
Honors an alumnus or alumna with an extraordinary achievement – one who has been recognized nationally and/or internationally – or an individual who over the course of a decade or greater, has exhibited outstanding success in a chosen profession or outstanding service to society.
► 2017 Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form

Excellence in Alumni Service
Recognizes sustained leadership and service to the Alumni Association and the University.
► 2017 Alumni Service Nomination Form

Excellence in Arts & Letters
Celebrates alumni for outstanding achievement in music, literature and language, visual arts or performing arts.
► 2017 Arts & Letters Nomination Form

Excellence in Business 
Recognizes alumni for outstanding distinction in business for profit.
► 2017 Business Nomination Form

Excellence in Community Service
Pays tribute to alumni for time volunteered that benefits a community or its non-profit institutions.
► 2017 Community Service Nomination Form

Excellence in Education 
Pays tribute to alumni for extraordinary distinction in the field of education, including pre-K through post-secondary classroom teaching, school services and administration/supervision.
► 2017 Education Nomination Form

Excellence In Entrepreneurship
Recognizes the accomplishments of an individual who has demonstrated the spirit, leadership and drive of an entrepreneur. Consideration is also given to the nominee’s contributions to his or her community and the University.
► 2017 Entrepreneur Nomination Form

Excellence in Public Service 
Recognizes alumni for outstanding contributions to local, state or national communities generally, but not exclusively, through opportunities in appointed or elected office or public service nonprofit organizations.
► 2017 Public Service Nomination Form

Excellence in Science & Technology 
Pays tribute to alumni for extraordinary distinction in science and/or technology.
► 2017 Science & Technology Nomination Form

International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement 

Recognizes international graduates of the University who are highly distinguished in their profession, either internationally or nationally in their own country; who have helped their nation and/or the world by outstanding contributions to government, science, art, education, business, or human welfare; and who exemplify the strength of their education at the University of Albany.
► 2017 International Alumni Award Nomination Form

Outstanding Young Alumni 

Recognizes early outstanding achievements in a chosen profession or field and/or service to the community.
► 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni Nomination Form

Contact Melissa Samuels for more information about nominating an individual for an Excellence Award. 

**Nominations may be made posthumously within two years of the nomination deadline.